The analysis of pile-plate foundations with consideration of different linear and non linear effects is a demanding task. With FIDES-PILEpro it is possible to solve such kind of problems in an economic way. Normally the pile heads will be coupled together over a rigid plate, FIDES-PILEpro also makes it possible to consider elastic plates (Finite Element Analysis), that may be hardened by arising walls. Moreover also integrated is the automatic calculation of the two-way transverse bedding effects of the piles as well as the dimensioning of the piles. 

User interface

  • CAD-like input functionality

  • Extensive import possibilities like e.g. DXF, XML,...

  • Input of the properties of the layered semi infinite space models per drilling profiles in combination with the soil layer database used by all FIDES se-ries of geotechnics programs in common

  • Automatic Finite Element mesh generation

  • Intelligent input helps e.g. at polygon intersec-tions, multiple object selection, ...




  • Integrated calculation kernel PFAHL resp. ASE* from Sofistik

  • Linear and non linear* calculation

  • Rigid or elastic pile head plate*

  • Consideration of the plate bedding*

  • Vertical walls will be considered*

  • Connection of the pile heads rigid or flexible

  • Non linear bedded piles

  • Automatic calculation of the transverse values

  • Sliding of the piles

  • Clear construction stage generation and load case superposition

  • Automatic dimensioning of the piles

  • Preparation for automatic plate dimensioning, and punch through verification*, ...

  • (needs SOFiSTiK-module BEMESS)

  • Assistance for all common standards (EC, DIN, BS, ACI, ASSHTO uvm.)

  • Full compatibile to the SOFiSTiK modules

  • Automatic mesh generation*

* extension PILEpro-FEM is necessary



  • Settlements, stresses and dimensioning of the piles

  • Internal plate forces + displacements*

  • Envelopes for extremal values


  • text and graphics mixed

  • Whole SOFiSTiK postprocessing usable (ANIMATOR, URSULA, DBVIEW, WINGRAF, ...)

  • Many exporting possiblities like e.g. DXF, RTF, MS-Word, ...

  • Application range

  • Pile - and pile plate foundations

  • Bridge counter bearing

  • Optimisation of settlement and geometry of foundation plates

  • Minimisation of reinforcement of foundation plates.


  • PILEpro-Base: Basic version with only rigid pile heads

  • PILEpro-FEM: Extended version with elastic pile head plates, vertical arising walls for hardening of the plate, constant elastic bedding of the plate, dimensioning of the plate is prepared

Source: http://www.fides-dvp.eu/en/products/fides-software/foundations/fides-pilepro